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How To Caulk and Fill a new wardrobe, important preparation.

  Here we have a project where we show the importance of using caulk when hand-painting a new wardrobe. Sometimes called “painters mate”, it may also be called “carpenters mate”  as we see here in the photo, the attention to detail which so much improves the final outcome, caulking takes […]

How to paint a new staircase / Painting newly built staircases.

Here we have an example of painting a newly built staircase in a newly built property in Dunlaoghaire Co. Dublin. The staircase was knotted with “bin”primer first; to make sure the knots in the wood would not bleed through the final paint job over time. This can often be seen […]

Ceiling restoration and painting in a period house in Dublin.

Here we have another example of a fully restored ceiling, which we stripped of its old lining paper, with exposed cracks coming through; filled those cracks and lined ceiling with fibre glass covering. Then we painted two coats of white emulsion to finish. Using this method when restoring ceilings in […]

Ceiling restoration Dublin

Oil or varnish on exterior wood ?

Oil or varnish on exterior wood? A question I hear often, when our clients are doing some spring painting and decorating. If the existing wood has clear flakey pieces coming off it, then it has been varnished in the past, most lightly polyurethane varnish, which works well on wood especially […]

How to paint double glazed Velux type windows? What should my windows look like when finished?

When painting wooden double glazed windows, there are a few steps that need to be taken to ensure a top class job. The windows need to be sanded with emery paper and the wood cleaned with white spirit, then one paints an undercoat primer, this can be oil or water […]

Restored Victorian ceiling

How To Check your paint job. Is it a good one?

  There are a few things which will tell if your painter knows what he or she is doing. Preparation. If it is walls or wood work that is being painted, the area chosen should be smooth when finished, It is a good idea to feel the surface by running […]

Painting exterior windows, Oil or Water based paint? Colortrend have the answer.

 Painting exterior windows in the past we have relied on oil based primers, undercoats and finish paints . But now with new regulations by 2016 all of these paints are no longer going to be available. Some companies have been forward thinking in this regard,  and have developed and perfected […]

Painting floors. What is the best floor paint, How do I paint my wooden floor?

Painting wooden floors is a great way of bringing new life into a room. It is also a great way of bringing more light into a room. Painting white or a light colour on a wooden floor in a room really brightens up the place. You would seldom if ever […]