How to paint a new staircase / Painting newly built staircases.

Here we have an example of painting a newly built staircase in a newly built property in Dunlaoghaire Co. Dublin.

The staircase was knotted with “bin”primer first; to make sure the knots in the wood would not bleed through the final paint job over time. This can often be seen in woodwork in many houses, where the woodwork has brown stains coming through the paint. So with this prevented, the staircase was sanded and undercoated three times and finished in white eggshell. We made sure the underside of the handrail remained free of paint, giving a sharp finish to the wood. The handrail was finished in a satin water based varnish, with a rub down between coats for a super smooth finish. A lot of work goes into such a project. Please see below. So if you have painting and decorating to do please contact us today.