How To Caulk and Fill a new wardrobe, important preparation.


img_0890Here we have a project where we show the importance of using caulk when hand-painting a new wardrobe. Sometimes called “painters mate”, it may also be called “carpenters mate”  as we see here in the photo, the attention to detail which so much improves the final outcome, caulking takes time to do, but is worth it when one views the end result, which I am sure we will post in the near future. Caulk is used frequently when painting and decorating, and this is a good illustration why. One cuts the nozzle at the end of the tube setting the width of the caulk to be delivered when squeezing the gun, It is very important to make the right size hole, which all depends on the cracks and gaps one is filling. Here we used a narrow hole on the nozzle, then while squeezing the gun running the nozzle along all the gaps wiping the surface with a damp cloth to finish. It dose take a lot of practice to get this right and it takes time, so one can appreciate what they are paying for when one gets hand-finished/painted furniture.

As promised here is the finished article with out handles or knobs.img_0920