What is the best paint for interior walls and woodwork?

What is the best paint for interior walls?

The best Paint for interior walls, so far in my experience pound for pound, is Colourtrend paints.

Why? well as well as it being Irish, it is superb in its application especially if one uses good quality brushes and roller sleeves. The finish on a well prepared wall is second to none, it may take more time or cost you more money, but if you get a decorator that knows what they are doing the finish speaks for its self; and it is worth the added expense. Colourtrend ceramic paint is better again if you have kids, as it is washable and goes on like a dream.

But above all this the reason it is the best paint (for money) is that unlike Farrow and Ball arguably better again, Colourtrend comes in 10 litres, which effectively means you are getting a most excellent paint at half the price of its leading competitor. And one can get it mixed into any colour including F & B. It may not have that soft look of a F & B tint but in this decorators opinion; Its Irish and its the best paint, best value for money with great colours.

What is the best paint for woodwork.

At the risk of being repetitive, I would have to say after using every paint on the market Colourtrend would again be the best value for money. Being an extremely good paint to work with and to finish, especially when the surface has been prepared properly, and been undercoated sufficiently with Colourtrend undercoat. It has very low odour, and once again its Irish. Paint and decorate in Dublin with Colourtrend.