Quality painting and decorating in Dublin; and the price of a paint job.

A staircase and window painted in Killiney, walls is F & B 'string no 8' woodwork in 'pointing'

A staircase and window painted in Killiney, walls is F & B ‘string no 8’ woodwork in ‘pointing’

I am often asked about painting and decorating in Dublin, about various house painters and why all these painter decorators prices differ so greatly. Well the truth of the matter as stated in other blogs; is when it comes to painter decorators in Dublin or anyplace else you very much get what you pay for. Experience in all aspects of painting and decorating is very important, also experience in working in domestic house painting, rather than building sites is important, as the attention to detail; not only when it comes to painting works, but also in knowing how to mask off, cover up, dust off, clean up, lock up and all the things that should be expected of the very best house painters. Insurance is important and expensive, but necessary when house painting, to cover the painters, the property, and the public. One can buy a pair of shoes in Lidl or you can buy a pair in Brown Thomas, I know which pair I would prefer to be walking in all day. The very same with House painting, quality painting like quality foot wear costs, while lasting the test of time and wear and tear. So there is very much more to house painting than just painting walls and ceilings. Painters you can rely on, painters you can trust, painters and decorators you will recommend to your friends. The best painters in Dublin. “impressions”. Make that call.