Tips on painting and decorating when selling your home.

Interior painting and decorating.

When someone is selling there home they clearly want the best price they can get while spending the least amount of money, well in this, like in all things; there is a balance.

I say to clients; what you spend before the sale of your house on painting and decorating, you will make on the other end after the sale;  providing its done properly, by somebody that knows what they are doing.

So proper preparation is essential.

Filling all the cracks having smooth properly painted walls and woodwork. Sharp lines where ceilings meet walls especially in the entrance and hallway leading you in to the property.

Never get to personal with your colour scheme, make it warm while remaining neutral, remember peoples tastes vary greatly. So don’t paint the living room purple just because its your favourite colour!

If you feel the need to express yourself, I find that a feature wall in an otherwise neutral room works well especially if it picks up on an aspect of the decor.

in general terms, remove all clutter, to create a sense of space and “free flowing energy”. Remove as much artwork and pictures of a personal nature as possible so viewers will not be distracted from the main

event the house! It is important to do your decorating early so your home does not smell of paint, as you want it to look naturally clean and inviting and not staged. Remember they (the viewers) are looking at

“their new home” not just a house. And of course the old trick of brewing coffee or baking bread to permeate throughout the house before viewing is a good one, “Homely”.