How to do proper painting preparation

Why do you need to do proper painting preparation?

When it comes to painting and decorating, whether it is interior or exterior painting, painting wood or walls, painting ceilings, door restoration or hand-painting kitchens; a good finish is determined by how much preparation you put in when starting the paint job.

How to do proper painting preparation?
  1. Generally, painting preparation involves making sure the surface you are about to paint is good for painting – sounds obvious, right! This means the surface should be clean, dry, dust free and sanded smooth. Sometimes you may have to remove old, loose or bubbling paint.
  2. When this is done and a first coat or undercoat is applied, it is then easier to see, on a uniform surface, what other preparation may be needed, by way of filling cracks and holes, and caulking.
  3. Then when the surface gets a second coat or touch up, we can see if it is ready for a finish coat.
  4. Another light rub with some emery paper across the surface and a quick wipe with a cloth will ensure any dust particles that may have stuck to the walls or woodwork will be removed before the final coat.

With that, you have a properly prepared and painted surface you can be proud of!

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A stripped handrail and staircase ready for restoration and repainting.

Fully restored handrail and staircase in a period home.

A shutter we restored

A window we restored - before