How to paint hardwood Front door and get perfect finish.

New door

New door

Primed and filled

First priming coat followed by filler.

Second priming coat, fill and caulk before final undercoat.

Door with final undercoat ready for finishing.

Pewter Door

New door finished in metallic paint Pewter












Painting a new hardwood door is much the same as the restoration of a period door, in that it takes the same steps to bring a new door up to the same standard, as seen in photos, first sand door, then prime fill and sand, prime again, fill sand and undercoat.  Then you are ready for the last two or three top coats, in this case we used a metallic paint perhaps the most difficult painting job to finish without flaws as one can not overpaint any section which already has paint on it, challenging to say the least! With metallic paints this is not painting it is an art form!