How to restore a front door, By dip stripping.


Here we can see the various stages that go into restoring a door from being stripped by dipping to finishing in egg shell. First we have the stripped door, followed by first coat of aluminium primer. Then the door is sanded and filled followed by an undercoat and more flush filling, the door is then sanded, spot undercoated let dry and caulked.  followed by an undercoat before finishing in egg shell. A lot of work but I think you will agree, that the finish product is fantastic; and it is still the original door, which is far more desirable on a period property, especially when it looks this good. So if you have a front door on a period house that needs restoration contact us today!
Stripped by Dipping in bath.Aluminium primer.Filled and sanded.Undercoated sanded and filled once more.Sanded and undercoated.Caulked.Finished in Egg shell.20150529_145459