What is the right weather to paint my house in?

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Painting and decorating in Ireland especially exterior painting has its challanges.


In the winter time especially in Ireland it is very important to have the right weather for painting out side, both for oil and water bound paints.

For oil paints the day might be “mostly dry” but if the air is damp and there is very little or no drying out, then the surface will be damp. Especially important on raw or exposed wood, if the surface is damp then don’t paint it if you want the paint job to last (most importantly) the paint will go on ok, but if the surface is damp it will undermine the longevity of the job. Also on very windy days it is not advisable to finish woodwork; as dust and debris will be blown on to it and it will dry and stick. Temperature is a consideration with oil paints but not as much as emulsion, generally above 5 degrees and you will be ok as long as the air is dry, and you stop painting by 3 o’clock.

Emulsion paints, there are three things to consider when painting emulsion paints;  the temperature must be above 7 degrees, and stay above 7 until the paint is dry. If the temperature drops, and the paint freezes, then it will simply fall off the wall in time. If rain is forecast, but it is not raining at present, yet there  is very high humidity with low temperatures, it is not a good idea to paint, because the paint in these conditions will not dry, and when it rains, several hours later it will be washed off the surface, sometimes causing havoc. So in short, temperature, humidity and rainfall.


In Ireland when painting and decorating in summer; we do not have to worry too much, but I have on occasion come across one or two things to consider.

when painting oil paints; It is not advisable to use gloss paint in direct sunlight, especially if it is a hot sunny day, as it will heat the paint and cause it to run and sag. On very windy days (obvious enough) it is not wise to finish paint work either gloss or satin as (same as winter) dust will stick to the finish which will not look good.

Painting and decorating exterior emulsion paints; only in the States did I experience days that were too hot to paint, when the paint just turned to porridge in the can and did not apply to roasting hot surface at all well. I think in Ireland we will be ok for this one for a while. May we all have the perfect weather for painting!