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Why get a painted or wallpapered feature wall?

Why would you paint or wallpaper a feature wall?

A question we have been asked by clients when they are deciding on a change in their house, is why get a painted or wallpapered feature wall? Whether it’s painted or wallpapered, a feature wall can completely change the dynamic and feel of a room.  

What effect does a feature wall have on a room?

1. It can accomplish quite a few things, such as bringing out particular colours in your furnishings by matching them to the feature wall.

2. Depending which wall you choose to paint or wallpaper as your feature wall, it can give the appearance of shorting or lengthening a room. A light wall in a dark room will appear further away, adding length. Similarly, a dark wall in a light coloured room will shorten a room.

3. Similar to above, it can also deepen or lessen recesses in a room, depending on whether you use light or dark colours. With recesses and alcoves if you want to deepen them you use light colours in a darker surrounding, and the opposite if you wish to lessen the effect.

4. It can alter the mood of a room entirely.

5. And using the same psychology as point 4, you can make ceilings in rooms seem higher or lower depending on the colour. A darker colour will lower the appearance of a ceiling, which is a method often used in period houses with very high ceilings.

6. Not only can you make a feature wall by painting it, but wallpaper is also very good for getting the same effect by wallpapering your feature wall, even more so in some cases.

So it’s time to experiment!

Wallpapered feature wall in a showhouse in Dun Laoghaire by Impressions Painters and Decorators

A wallpapered feature wall we did in a show house in Dun Laoghaire

Example of wallpering a landing on a staircase as a feature wall by Impressions Painting and Decorating

A wallpapered feature wall we did on the landing of a staircase

Example of a wallpapered featured wall in by Impressions Painting and Decorating in Killiney

A wallpapered feature wall we did in a living room in Killiney

Do you want a painted or wallpapered feature wall in your house?

If you are thinking of getting a feature wall, then give Paul at Impressions Painting and Decorating a call on 0872704879 or fill in the contact form and we’ll call you back.

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