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Why do paint colours seem different than the paint colour samples? Where is the best place to paint a paint colour sample?

Why do paint colours seem different than paint colour samples

Why do paint colours seem different than the paint colour samples?

When people choose colours to paint their homes, sometimes, when the colour has been painted onto the wall, it seems very different than what they thought the colour would look like.

There can be several reasons for colour difference or apparent colour difference.

How do you check the colour of a paint colour sample?

First, check the colour by putting a dot of colour onto the colour card, letting it dry to eliminate the possibility of an error in mixing the paint.

A lot of paint companies now have moved over to digitally printed colour cards; which means it is only a digital representation of the colour so even mixed correctly or bought off the shelf, it may indeed be different.

This is why the expensive paints and colour cards are little pieces of cardboard painted and stuck on to the colour card, representing the actual paint colour.

So after discounting these possibilities, then you are left with the dynamic of the room the paint is going into. Meaning if the room is a dark room, the colour may appear darker.

The colour of the floor or carpet can have a huge effect on the final result.

A wooden floor can warm up a colour considerably, adding a browner hue. Similarly, a red carpet can do the same to a light colour on a wall.

Often when white drop cloths have been taken up after painting this in itself can change the appearance of the colour.

Where is the best place to paint a paint sample colour?

When painting a colour sample in a room, paint it in a few places.
1. Paint one close to the skirting board about a foot square in all cases, to see how it reacts with the floor and skirting board. (If the skirting board is wooden it can also change the hue of the colour)

2. Next paint in the corner of the room on both walls, meeting in the corner so the colour can react and reflect off itself, giving you a closer idea of the real colour.

3. And finally in the middle of a wall also for comparison.
This way you will have a very good Idea of what the final colour is going to look like in your room.

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