Home decorating; knowing what you want from your painting job and your painting and decorating quotation.

Wall papered feature wall in show house bedroom

Wall papered feature wall.

It is important when getting a quote for painting and decorating be it painting a new build, painting aperiod house, painting an extension or existing family home; to know exactly what painting and decorating job  you want for the money you are spending. These include,

The quality of the paint used for painting ceilings,walls and woodwork.

The experience of the painters doing the work, whether they have insurance and references.

The quality of the finish you want.

Do you want a very high standard of finish? if so this will take more time and therefore cost more, if not then it will take less time and cost less and arguably not look as good. Conveying this information to your decorator will get you the best Painting job to suit your needs. And may well get you the best painter for the job.