Kitchen Transformation, hand painted kitchen with new counter tops and removed handles.

This is how to really transform your kitchen without the total expense of changing your entire kitchen. In this example we painted the walls and ceiling, then removed all the handles and filled all the holes; so they are completely invisible, this way the new handles on the newly hand painted kitchen, can be any size and placed anywhere. We used a water based egg shell “Neptune” paints with a “Fleetwood’ water based advanced primer. The new counter tops were all ready fitted, replacing the old wood with black granite ones, dramatically brightening the Kitchen room itself, only to be brightened further when the kitchen units and walls were painted. We also hand painted the marble surround of the Aga which no longer went with the new colour scheme, the client replaced the backing tiles to complete the look. So by changing your kitchen counter, hand painting your kitchen, replacing the handles,  you then have a stunning brand new totally transformed kitchen.IMG_0319