How to Varnish your exterior Doors and windows.

k1 (16)When we do exterior painting in Dublin, we realise the importance of proper preparation in order to do a really nice job on exterior windows and doors. Firstly one needs to strip off the old product. You do this in a number of ways, using a heavy duty scraper ( used by drawing the scraper along the grain removing old material). It is very important when working with wood this way to determine the direction of the grain and work in the same direction. You will also need varnish stripping solution and wire wool; medium grade.

What the scraper does not remove,  you paint with stripping solution; done with a dabbing motion using a paintbrush. One small section at a time, you cover a section and wait 15 minutes, then cover another section and start removing the first section with scraper and wire wool. When this is done you dabb another section and start on the second section and so on. So you always have a section waiting,  ready for you when you finish the one you are on. When all is finished it is important to neutralise the effect of the stripper by using a mixture of water and vinegar then clean with white spirits. Now you are ready to apply your product, oiling the wood is an option,  if you do not want to use a varnish, it is very effective, and it brings out the natural beauty of the wood. It is done by saturating the wood with oil using a brush and lint free cloth. Apply oil (Danish oil or a good deck furniture oil will do ) with a brush liberally; wait a few minutes and wipe off the access with your cloth. When the window is dry repeat the process till the oil is no longer being absorbed. For a varnish there are many to choose from in this sample we chose a Sadoline antique pine varnish; we used a fine emery paper or wire wool to rub down the wood,  between coats, simply apply a coat using a good quality brush when dry rub with wire wool and repeat. We recommend a minimum of two coats to ensure a top class finish.k1 (29)