How to paint double glazed Velux type windows? What should my windows look like when finished?

When painting wooden double glazed windows, there are a few steps that need to be taken to ensure a top class job.

DSCF0020DSCF0021The windows need to be sanded with emery paper and the wood cleaned with white spirit, then one paints an undercoat primer, this can be oil or water based, depending on your requirements, next another light rub and clean, then a full undercoat, you will probably need three coats before the finish coat, in this case the windows were finished in eggshell.  The real purpose of this blog,  is to demonstrate what your windows should look like. So be careful whom you get to paint them! With most double glazed windows one will have a rubber seal next to the glass, this should not be painted! as it will not hold the paint for very long, and after some time the paint will flake off. There should be no paint on the hinges of fittings what so ever as in photos. Now you can enjoy the light that is brought in with freshly painted wooden windows.