Painting exterior windows, Oil or Water based paint? Colortrend have the answer.

Stripped door.Finished door in exterior water based egg shell. Painting exterior windows in the past we have relied on oil based primers, undercoats and finish paints . But now with new regulations by 2016 all of these paints are no longer going to be available. Some companies have been forward thinking in this regard,  and have developed and perfected exterior water based primers undercoats and finish paints.  Colortrend have it covered. in this example we really tested this theory in the wilds of Co. Mayo, on the coast where the weather is extremely harsh on the exterior finish of houses. Being battered constantly by storm force winds and rain. So we set out painting raw sash windows and Doors from scratch. Two years later we went to visit to continue further works, and the doors and windows were holding steady, a light sand, undercoat and finish eggshell ensured many years more of protection from the elements. Step 1 Was to strip the door before priming.Then we sanded the door with emery paper ensuring it was smooth, cleaning it with a damp cloth, removing any dust. Then we primed it with Colortrend primer/ undercoat two coats, before caulking all the gaps and finishing in two coats of Colortrend exterior eggshell.

Window stripped and finished in exterior Colortrend egg shell