Why a hand painted kitchen?

Hand painted kitchen units.

Hand painted kitchen in Dublin.

There are many types of finishes one can get when buying a kitchen, wooden, laminate, spray painted and hand painted kitchens. This blog asks the question, why have a hand painted kitchen? Well I over heard two women talking in the paint shop about how expensive hand painted kitchens can be, and one woman said to the other “you pay for the brush marks”. Well this could not be further from the truth, as a properly hand painted kitchen should have very few and fine brush strokes if any! When a kitchen is sprayed one looks at the kitchen and sees just that, a spray finished kitchen, nothing wrong with that at all, but put next to the hand painted units of a hand painted kitchen, there is no comparison. The hand painted kitchen has several coats applied each by hand and with every coat you get a certain depth; which one can only get by layer after layer of thinly applied paint, creating a certain visual warmth that can only be obtained by this process.




Hand painted kitchen finished in Farrow and Ball

Hand painted kitchen in Co. Meath. Finished by impressions.