Ceiling Restoration. How to Permanently eliminate cracks in ceilings and walls using Fibre glass wall covering.

Ceilings in many period homes over time may form cracks. In a lot of period houses the ceilings will have been lined at some stage with lining paper to hide cracks, but over time the cracks will reappear and tare there way through the lining paper. The best way to stop cracks from appearing in a ceiling again is to line the ceiling with a fibre glass wall/ceiling covering. Some times if the ceiling has been lined before; particularly in older period houses, it is necessary to strip this paper off before re-lining. If the paper is sound with large cracks showing through paper then the following steps are taken:

1. The paper around the cracks is cut out,

2. The edges of the paper are stuck down with adhesive,

3. The cracks are filled and when the filler is hard, it is sanded and then the area is skimmed over (with skim) to make as smooth as possible. Then the ceiling is lined with fibre glass covering.

The fibre glass wall covering comes in 30 / 50 metre rolls which are a metre wide.

Hanging instructions for fibre glass wall coverings, goes as follows:

Firstly one pastes the wall or ceiling and not the wall covering as in most cases. So when you have the wall or ceiling pasted slightly wider than one metre width at a time, then one hangs the wall covering and brushes into place insuring contact with ceiling is even over whole surface. Using a plumb line is recommended to ensure your drops are hung straight, then each end is trimmed to fit, and the process is repeated butt joining each length to one another and trimming to fit. Wait twenty four hours and the ceiling is ready to paint. Paint is absorbed into the all ready very strong fibreglass wall covering reenforcing them further ensuring all cracks in the ceiling or wall will not reappear. Further examples on this link.

Cracks in ceiling before fibreglass liningA ceiling we did for a client's house after repairing with fibreglass lining