How to prepare and paint new woodwork

How to prepare and paint new woodwork

In this blog post, we will look at how to prepare fresh wood for painting.

1. As professional painter/decorators, the first thing we do when painting new architraves and skirting is knotting the wood. This we do with new woodwork where we cover all of the knots in the wood with a sealer (called knotting).

Why knotting wood before painting wood important? As wood is natural, sap that is stored in the wood can seep out through knots over time, and this can destroy a paint finish from underneath.

We often hear the question “why does my woodwork have brown marks in the paintwork?” This is a result of not knotting the wood first.

2. Once the knots are sealed, the next step is to prime the new wood. This is important to do first, as it ensures that the undercoat and finishing coats will adhere properly, giving a better finish and longer life to all your new woodwork.

3. Then you rub down the wood between coats of primer and undercoat, which will ensure a high-quality smooth finish.

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