Restoring handrail and staircase in period home

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Another one of the great things that the impressions team do is restore period hand rails and staircases in period homes. So often people get there entire house painted, but neglect to restore  the hand rail of their stair case; which is in fact, one of the first things that you see on entering their home. Some of these may not have been redone in 150 years. I am glad to say that this trend is changing and that people are realising the importance of the visual finish, that the restoration of the hand rail in their hallway will achieve.” Where can I get my hand rail on my staircase restored”? they ask. Look no further;  Whether one chooses to get the hand rail french polished; which is a truly spectacular finish, or the more reasonable option of getting your hand rail stripped and treated, with some of the latest non polyurethane finishes gloss or satin; which in themselves provide a beautiful finish for your hand rail, at a much more reasonable cost. We the impressions team have it covered.

The First thing we do to the hand rail is to strip it back to the raw natural wood,  using specialist tools for stripping and restoration. Next we rub down the wooden surface with fine wire wool,  and clean the wood with a lint free cloth and white spirits. It is now you can see the beauty of the natural wood coming out. If you choose to get it french polished, our french polisher will have done something similar as just described, but after that its all top secret. Established in the early 1900’s its a family secret how they get their incredible finish. On the other hand if you go with the varnish option, these new non polyurethane water based varnishes penetrate deep into the grain of the wood, so they will not crack of flake over time. When dry we repeat the process of rubbing down, with fine wire wool and clean off this time with a damp cloth, and repeat the process three times. Now your hand rail will look fantastic! So think hand rail restoration for your staircase, and never look back. Over on the right a finished handrail and a repair done on same hand rail.

A stripped hand rail and staircase ready for restoration and re painting.

Painted balustrade and freshly stripped handrail.

Painted balustrade and stripped handrail

Fully restored hand rail and staircase in period home.