Professional Interior and Exterior House Painters and Decorators in South Dublin; this is what we do.

Professional Interior and Exterior House Painters and Decorators in South Dublin Edit

A staircase and window we painted in Killiney, walls is F & B 'string no 8' woodwork in 'pointing'At Impressions painting and decorating “The house painters in south Dublin” we believe that there is nothing better than a newly decorated family home or work space. To witness  peoples expression when they see the end result of our house painting expertise is a wonderful thing to behold! We paint houses and decorate in South Dublin and beyond; in order to bring light and colour into peoples homes and work spaces. At Impressions we are aware of the effect that painting and decorating their homes,  has on peoples mood and the overall impression that it makes.  We strive to enhance our clients quality of life, through creating beautiful spaces to work and live in. We know  house painting, the Impressions team understand, whether painting an interior in Dalkey or an  exterior in Blackrock, the principals are the same. Firstly, proper preparation provides for a good paint job.  A neat tidy approach and execution, leads to happy clients, with a paint job which will stand the tests of time. The knowledge of what to do to protect your home from the weather, and treat damp or rot effectively, is most important as these things are easy to cover up. Experience in how to treat such problems, ensures they will not return. Overall when you choose impressions as your house painters in south Dublin you will realise when you see the end paint job, that you have made the right decision. “You get what you pay for” this could not be better illustrated than with a bad or very good (in our case) painting Job.

  • Impressions are professional painter decorators In Dublin
  • Dedicated to achieving a superb finish with your interior painting and exterior painting,
  • Highly skilled decorators, with extensive knowledge of restoration
  • Neat and  tidy while decorating your home
  • Honest and reliable
  • We will look after your home and all your needs
  • Colour consultancy available, we have years of experience putting colour schemes together for people
  • We do exactly what we say we are going to do, when and how we are going to do it; to provide you with the best possible house painting experience
  • We are the house painting and decorating people covering south Dublin Kildare and Wicklow.