Is it possible to paint over wallpaper?


Is it possible to paint over wallpaper?

If you do not have the time or the money to strip your wallpaper then this blog is for you!

How to know if you can paint over your wallpaper

The quality of the original wallpapering job will determine whether you can paint the wallpaper or not. If the wallpaper is completely tight on the wall, in the corners where it meets the ceiling and the skirting boards, then there should not be a problem. The paper may bubble up after painting but it will pull back when it dries. If this happens it is advisable only to paint one coat in a day – this way the paper stays on the wall. You may have to fill the seams on the paper, depending on how well it was hung.

Other things to consider before painting over your wallpaper

It may take a couple of coats to cover any patterned paper, more so than painting over any solid colour.

If the paper is a vinyl paper a special primer or undercoat may be used. Also with vinyl paper that appears smooth, but has variations in the pattern, then the pattern may still be seen when viewed against the light.

Stripping paper is generally a better option, but sometimes painting over it is.

If it is an old house, the walls may be in very bad condition under the wallpaper. It may be a much cheaper option to paint over the paper and far less time-consuming as the paper on the wall acts as a lining paper.

In other cases where there are new builds, the builder offered a “special deal” and you could get a great price on wallpaper. But in many cases (not all) this gave the builder the opportunity of not finishing the walls correctly and just papering over the plasterboard. Now when it comes to stripping this off a wall that has not been plastered or sealed, you can run into real problems, and again it may be a better option to leave the paper and paint over it.

So if you are not sure then ask a professional painter and decorator. They can guide you as to the best approach to take with your painting and decorating, wallpaper stripping, wallpaper hanging and, of course, whether to paint over the wallpaper or not.

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