Why period homes need Decorators that know how to paint period houses.

A staircase and window painted in Killiney, walls is F & B 'string no 8' woodwork in 'pointing'

A staircase and window painted in Killiney, walls is F & B ‘string no 8’ woodwork in ‘pointing’

Another Georgian door we restored in Dalkey

Another Georgian door we restored in Dalkey

When painting and decorating period houses one often comes upon situations that you would not see in a modern house, such as Lime render/plaster, Sash windows, cornicing, and front doors which are over 100 years old amongst other things, which all have to be dealt with accordingly. Lime render needs to breath so it needs suitable breathable paints.

Sash windows and shutters, One also needs experience in how to deal with older wood, whether to replace parts or fill and repair the wood, and how to know the difference. Often sash windows have been reweighed and draft proofed, this also needs a special approach when painting. In order to have most effective draft proofing it is essential not to get paint on the brushes of the draft excluders.

Cornicing and ceiling roses, It is important to know how to paint these period features without losing the detail, and what products to use in order to use minimum coats of paint. Of course a decorator who has experience with old houses/period buildings  like us, knows the appropriate trades men for all of the above, if and when repairs are needed.

Over the past years we have come across a lot of old doors that need some love and attention, we know the correct process when restoring a front door.

So,  when painting period houses or period homes always use experienced painters. Call us today!