At Impressions Painting and Decorating, we have over twenty years experience wallpapering houses and commercial properties. As one of the most important things in any painting and decorating job, we put a lot of attention into making sure we give our clients a quality finish that will last for many years.

Why use Impressions Painting and Decorating for your wallpapering needs?

Our wallpaper hanger does just that, and nothing else but hang wallpaper. The more I see examples of wallpaper hanging the more I appreciate the skill involved in the job, especially when it comes to complex patterned and very expensive wallpapers. And, of course, the preparation of walls before papering is all important, which is something our team pays particular attention to, because once the paper has been hung you can no longer get rid of lumps on your walls.

Smooth walls provide for smooth wallpapering!

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