How to Brighten up a room by painting wooden ceiling.

Over the years, we have painted many houses, some of which have wooden ceilings. In some cases the owners of the house have toiled with the idea of painting their wooded ceiling wondering whether it’s a good idea.Well painting wooden ceilings works especially well in rooms with poor lighting, it increases by far the amount of light penetration and light refraction in any dull room. As below the first photo the light is supplied with a flash, in the second photo a flash was not necessary with the newly painted wooden ceiling. When one paints a wooden ceiling it is important to note that any imperfections that are in the ceiling being hidden by the wood colour, such as cracked knots in the wood, or gaps between the tongue and groove, will instantly show themselves when you start painting the wood. so filler and caulked are also needed, after the first undercoat to fill and caulk all imperfections before all other undercoats and finish coat. Below in both cases four coats in total three undercoats and one coat of finish satinwood. Both resulting in a much brighter room.


An interior living room before the roof was paintedAn interior living room we did with painted roof


Pictures speak a thousand words. In both cases the people never looked back, and were delighted as the light in both rooms were greatly increased, also the ceilings appeared to be lifted some what, over all a great result.



High wooden ceiling before being paintedA wooden ceiling we painted