What is the best paint for interior walls and woodwork?

What is the best paint for interior walls? The best Paint for interior walls, so far in my experience pound for pound, is Colourtrend paints. Why? well as well as it being Irish, it is superb in its application especially if one uses good quality brushes and roller sleeves. The […]

How to restore a front door using a heat gun, for best results.

Here we see the various stages that go into stripping a front door with a heat gun, after stripping, priming, filling, and painting several times; we polished the brass also completing the look!                                   […]

Ceiling restoration and painting in a period house in Dublin.

Here we have another example of a fully restored ceiling, which we stripped of its old lining paper, with exposed cracks coming through; filled those cracks and lined ceiling with fibre glass covering. Then we painted two coats of white emulsion to finish. Using this method when restoring ceilings in […]

Ceiling restoration Dublin

Home decorating; knowing what you want from your painting job and your painting and decorating quotation.

It is important when getting a quote for painting and decorating be it painting a new build, painting aperiod house, painting an extension or existing family home; to know exactly what painting and decorating job  you want for the money you are spending. These include, The quality of the paint used […]

Wall papered feature wall in show house bedroom

Why colours seem different than colour samples? Where is the best place to paint a sample?

When people choose colours to paint their homes, some times when the colour has been painted onto the wall, it seems very different than what they thought the colour would look like. There can be several reasons for colour difference, or apparent colour difference. Firstly one checks the colour by […]

Scaffolding when is it necessary?

 Doing exterior painting, when one really wants to do a thorough job on  their house or home, Scaffolding is essential. Not to say one can’t do it from ladders, it is just a lot easier not to mention safer, when extensive repairs and preparation of surfaces are necessary.Particularly with the […]

Which Paint to use , and where to use it?

              There are many different types of paint and from my visits to the paint shop I can hear, that some people out there are not sure which paint to use and where to use it. Interior paints. Matt emulsion Silk Emulsion (soft sheen) […]