Bespoke Hand-Painted Kitchen Units Dublin

On this page, we have an example of several different bespoke Hand-painted kitchens in Dublin. We pay particular attention when hand-painting kitchens to ensure that we deliver a smooth, brush stroke free hand-painted finish. We hand-paint new kitchens made by some of Irelands best cabinet makers, but we also hand-paint old laminate kitchens, to give them a new lease of life transforming the look of the kitchen and room itself. In most of the cases below we painted the enitre room as well as the units. Kitchen and house painting in Dublin for 20 years and more. Please see our blog on painting laminated kitchens.


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Owing to the high level of craftsmanship that goes into making this bespoke furniture, it is essential that the hand-painting is to the highest standard, as this finishes the bespoke hand-painted kitchen into position on site, the utmost attention to detail is taken when hand-painting furniture; with the proper mixes of paints to ensure a mirror smooth brush stroke free hand-painted finish. So If you have just purchased some bespoke furniture remember the finish is everything! If you are looking for a contractor to give you a great quality and professional painting job, please feel free to call Paul on 087 2704879 or use the contact form on the right of the page.

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