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Oil or water based paint for a hand painted kitchen?

This is a question we are often asked when house painting. Well, years ago it was always oil paint for woodwork, as that was all there was,¬† it was tough and washable very smelly and generally done in a gloss finish. But in the past few years house paints and […]

Painting RAL colours, Matching RAL colours.

When we paint and decorate on commercial jobs, this is when we would mostly be asked to match RAL colours. Matching upnew paint colours to existing colours on logos and signage. This way the painted ¬†colours blend with existing colour schemes. As we can see in this example of the […]

Kitchen Transformation, hand painted kitchen with new counter tops and removed handles.

This is how to really transform your kitchen without the total expense of changing your entire kitchen. In this example we painted the walls and ceiling, then removed all the handles and filled all the holes; so they are completely invisible, this way the new handles on the newly hand […]

Restored Victorian ceiling

How To Check your paint job. Is it a good one?

¬† There are a few things which will tell if your painter knows what he or she is doing. Preparation. If it is walls or wood work that is being painted, the area chosen should be smooth when finished, It is a good idea to feel the surface by running […]