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Hand-painting wooden kitchens

When painting and decorating; another thing we are asked to do on a regular basis is to hand-paint varnished wooden kitchens, this is much the same as painting laminate kitchens, in that they need to be sanded down; preparing the surface for the appropriate primer before undercoating can begin. After […]

Kitchen Transformation, hand painted kitchen with new counter tops and removed handles.

This is how to really transform your kitchen without the total expense of changing your entire kitchen. In this example we painted the walls and ceiling, then removed all the handles and filled all the holes; so they are completely invisible, this way the new handles on the newly hand […]

How to Paint Cornicing in a period house while keeping the detail.

We have painted many period homes over the years, and It is always of utmost importance to try to keep as much detail as possible in the plasterwork when redecorating. Some times over many years, often times without the same consideration, the paint accumulation covers the detail and the only […]

After extension alternative view

How to paint and decorate new plasterwork.

In this blog post, we will be painting new plasterwork . Our client had built a new extension on a period house in Ranelagh, Dublin 6. Our approach to working on this extension involved several stages: When we arrived at the job, the build is a newly plastered extension. We […]

Restoration of bay windows in Georgian house

In this blog post, we will look at a client who came to us in need of having their bay windows restored. Click on a photo to reveal full image. For this job, our clients Georgian period home needed it’s sash bay windows restored. In our time, we have worked on […]

Restoring sash windows and shutters on Period homes

Over the years we have worked on many period houses with both sash windows and shutters, and at some stage people go for a complete redo/ restoration of shutters windows and woodwork. Generally there will be over a hundred years of old paint on the wood work, So we tend […]

Restoring a front door on a period house

In this blog post, we will show you a step-by-step guide on how to approach restoring a front door in a period house using a heat gun and stripping agent. Doors on period houses may be one hundred and fifty years old, and in some cases even older. In many cases, […]