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New door

How to paint hardwood Front door and get perfect finish.

                      Painting a new hardwood door is much the same as the┬árestoration of a period door,┬áin that it takes the same steps to bring a new door up to the same standard, as seen in photos, first sand door, then […]

What is the best paint for interior walls and woodwork?

What is the best paint for interior walls? The best Paint for interior walls, so far in my experience pound for pound, is Colourtrend paints. Why? well as well as it being Irish, it is superb in its application especially if one uses good quality brushes and roller sleeves. The […]

How to paint a new staircase / Painting newly built staircases.

Here we have an example of painting a newly built staircase in a newly built property in Dunlaoghaire Co. Dublin. The staircase was knotted with “bin”primer first; to make sure the knots in the wood would not bleed through the final paint job over time. This can often be seen […]