Restoration of bay windows in Georgian house

In this blog post, we will look at a client who came to us in need of having their bay windows restored.

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For this job, our clients Georgian period home needed it’s sash bay windows restored. In our time, we have worked on many restorations of period houses around Dublin and have built up an comprehensive knowledge of how to deal with these, as each period house is different.

This person wanted to repair rather than replace existing wood work, so firstly we exposed all cracks and potentially rotten wood, then we injected any areas of the sash window that were soft with wet rot hardener so we would have a sound surface in which to fill. We have found that the best way to treat rotten wood in all period sash windows is with wet rot hardener. Next we primed the wood with aluminium primer to protect the wood and make sure surface was prepared for epxoy filler.In most cases raw exposed wood is treated with aluminium primer for maximum protection. Then using an epoxy filler form Ronseal we flush filled all holes and cracks. When filler was dry we sanded smooth and undercoated until solid white usually two to three coats, and finished in exterior hard gloss. In some cases it may be necessary to get our associates in to remove sash windows to free them up, and re weight the sash windows, to make sure they have smooth movement and do not stick.To finish, draft excluding strips would be fitted to ensure no more drafts in the sash windows. Sash windows will be draft proofed.

If you like what we have done on this job, and would like to enquire about Sash window restoration in your period home, please call Paul on 0872704879 or contact us for a quote..