How to white wash brick.

Here we have a couple who decided they wanted to “tone down” the brick work around their fire place. They were not sure whether they wanted to paint the fire place a solid colour or just white wash the brick. Well, thats an easy one, if you don’t like the white wash you can always take it a step further and paint the brick work a solid colour.

Step 1. You get acrylic water based paint and dilute it 50% water to paint.

Step 2.Then you get a spray bottle so you can spray down a section of brick wetting it thoroughly but with no drips!

Step 3.Then you paint on the paint with a brush over the dampened section of brick work, making sure the application is even, one can wipe off the access (if any) with a cloth after you finish a section of brick, before repeating the process. And that is that. In the example in the photos here, we have white washed the brick fire place with two coats of white wash, as one coat was not really covering enough, the couple have yet to decide on the brick at the back, or whether they will take it a step further and paint the brick a solid colour.

The best thing is to live with it for a while and then decide.