Feature walls.

Wall papered feature wall in show house bedroom

Wall papered feature wall.

Painting a feature wall is a simple way to add more dynamics to a room. It can accomplish quit a few things, it can bring out particular colours in your furnishings, by matching them to the feature wall. Depending which wall you paint or wallpaper as a feature, can give the appearance of shorting or making the room longer. It can deepen or lessen recesses in a room depending weather you use light or dark colours. It can alter the mood entirely. Using the same psychology one can make ceilings in rooms seem higher or lower depending on colour. So Time to experiment! A light wall in a dark room will appear further away adding length, similarly a dark wall in a light coloured room will shorten a room. With recesses and alcoves if you want to deepen them you use light colours in a darker surrounding, and the opposite if you wish to lessen the effect. A darker colour will lower the appearance of a ceiling, often used in grand houses with very high ceilings. Not only can one make a feature wall by painting it, wall paper is also very good for getting the same effect even more so in some cases.20150424_110813