Hand-painting wooden kitchens

When painting and decorating; another thing we are asked to do on a regular basis is to hand-paint varnished wooden kitchens, this is much the same as painting laminate kitchens, in that they need to be sanded down; preparing the surface for the appropriate primer before undercoating can begin. After […]

How to restore a front door using a heat gun, for best results.

Here we see the various stages that go into stripping a front door with a heat gun, after stripping, priming, filling, and painting several times; we polished the brass also completing the look!                                   […]

Ceiling restoration and painting in a period house in Dublin.

Here we have another example of a fully restored ceiling, which we stripped of its old lining paper, with exposed cracks coming through; filled those cracks and lined ceiling with fibre glass covering. Then we painted two coats of white emulsion to finish. Using this method when restoring ceilings in […]

Ceiling restoration Dublin

How to paint double glazed Velux type windows? What should my windows look like when finished?

When painting wooden double glazed windows, there are a few steps that need to be taken to ensure a top class job. The windows need to be sanded with emery paper and the wood cleaned with white spirit, then one paints an undercoat primer, this can be oil or water […]

Restoring handrail and staircase in period home

Another one of the great things that the impressions team do is restore period hand rails and staircases in period homes. So often people get there entire house painted, but neglect to restoreĀ  the hand rail of their stair case; which is in fact, one of the first things that […]

Painted balustrade and freshly stripped handrail.

Cracks in ceiling before fibreglass lining

Ceiling Restoration. How to Permanently eliminate cracks in ceilings and walls using Fibre glass wall covering.

Ceilings in many period homes over time may form cracks. In a lot of period houses the ceilings will have been lined at some stage with lining paper to hide cracks, but over time the cracks will reappear and tare there way through the lining paper. The best way to […]

Restoring sash windows and shutters on Period homes

Over the years we have worked on many period houses with both sash windows and shutters, and at some stage people go for a complete redo/ restoration of shutters windows and woodwork. Generally there will be over a hundred years of old paint on the wood work, So we tend […]