Painting & Decorating

Painting preparation

Painting Preparation, When it comes to painting and decorating, whether it is interior or exterior painting, painting wood or walls, painting ceilings, door restoration or hand painting kitchens; a good finish is determined by how much preparation one puts in when starting the paint job. What is proper preparation? Generally painting […]

Oil or water based paint for a hand painted kitchen?

This is a question we are often asked when house painting. Well, years ago it was always oil paint for woodwork, as that was all there was,  it was tough and washable very smelly and generally done in a gloss finish. But in the past few years house paints and […]

Professional Interior and Exterior House Painters and Decorators in South Dublin; this is what we do.

Professional Interior and Exterior House Painters and Decorators in South Dublin Edit At Impressions painting and decorating “The house painters in south Dublin” we believe that there is nothing better than a newly decorated family home or work space. To witness  peoples expression when they see the end result of our house […]

Why a hand painted kitchen?

There are many types of finishes one can get when buying a kitchen, wooden, laminate, spray painted and hand painted kitchens. This blog asks the question, why have a hand painted kitchen? Well I over heard two women talking in the paint shop about how expensive hand painted kitchens can […]

Hand painted kitchen finished in Farrow and Ball

New door

How to paint hardwood Front door and get perfect finish.

                      Painting a new hardwood door is much the same as the restoration of a period door, in that it takes the same steps to bring a new door up to the same standard, as seen in photos, first sand door, then […]