Breathable paints and why to use them. Paints for period buildings.

imagesKeim breathable paint
Over the years painting and decorating in Dublin and beyond; we have come across the problem of bubbling flakey paint on period buildings. It bubbles and falls off very shortly after being applied. Why does this paint fall off the walls? because the walls are lime based plaster and it requires a breathable paint. I have used the following product many times on period restorations, and you simply will not get a better finish for your walls. Read on..

Why Mineral paints? and What makes them different?

As in their name “Keim” mineral paints are mineral based paints which mean they bond differently than normal exterior paints to the surface they are being painted on. They create a microcrystalline bond with the new plaster or substrate; allowing  the coating to become an integral part of that substrate. Other exterior paints form a film on top of the existing plasterwork.

When one paints a period building in this way, the paint; bonding with the plaster allows the plaster and building to breath letting moisture vapour  pass through the coating but also protecting the building from water penetration. This paint work will now last for many years to come and can be cleaned down with a power hose once every few years, making your building pristine once more.

On period buildings that have been painted in the passed with a non breathable paint; where the paint has bubbled and come away from the building, it is necessary to remove as much paint as possible and paint with breathable paint. This will in turn avoid any further restriction in breathability, ensuring that the paint will stay on the building for many years to come. Keim paint can be applied in the conventional way but we recommend that one gets a decorator that has experience in the application of these products. Other advantages of Keim mineral paint is that it will not fade with time as it is UV resistant which makes them colour fast . Mineral paint is also eco friendly in many ways from being non toxic, non combustible, and mould resistant to name a few. This paint should not be diluted.

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